• Chevron down Why choose Ace It Bike Tours?
  • We have great reasons! First of all, we cycle mainly on easy riding, relatively flat trails and quiet country roads to make for a more relaxing ride. We use high quality Cannondale hybrid bikes with front shocks and adjustable comfy seats which makes it very pleasant. Also, our knowledgeable and friendly tour guides are very supportive to all levels of riders to best fit your comfort zone. Wait there’s more… We have excellent relationships with our participating partners and receive top-notch service at the local establishments we visit. Best of all, we are the least expensive bike tour company in Sonoma and Napa Wine Country and we provide the highest quality of services with extra perks!

  • Chevron down How far in advance do I need to book a tour?
  • In order to get your desired date especially for large groups of eight or more people, it is ideal to book a Sonoma County tour a few weeks to a month in advance. And, If you need to cancel, we require only 24 hours’ advance notice. Or if you need to change the date after booking, we try our best to accommodate as we do not want you to miss out on the fun and adventure! For those of you that are spur of the moment planners and decide a day before or even the morning of a desired tour, just give us a call at 707-688-4063 to see what we have available as we will try our best to accommodate you.

  • Chevron down What is the cancellation policy for bike tours/rentals?
  • All cancellations must be made more then 24 hours of reserved date for a refund and will be charged a processing fee of $15 per person for a tour and $7 per person for a rental. Less than 24 hours or no show will not receive a refund. NO EXCEPTIONS

  • Chevron down What is the limit of participants per tour?
  • We usually like our groups to be at a limit of 16 participants per tour. If you have larger groups for a private, corporate or any other event, please call us at (707) 688-4063 and we can arrange it. Also, we usually have two tour guides on a bike tour for six or more guests.

  • Chevron down How many miles do we ride on the bike tours and how is the terrain?
  • Sonoma Wine Country Bike Tour – Approximately 8 miles each way, 5 of those miles are on trails and 3 miles on quiet country roads. Terrain is relatively flat and the trails are paved and no unauthorized motor vehicles allowed on the trails.

    Sonoma Bike ’N Brew Tour – Approximately 7 miles each way, mostly on paved trails with the exception of crossing an intersection at a light where bike lanes are provided and well marked to get from one trail to another. Terrain is relatively flat and no unauthorized motor vehicles allowed on the trails.

    Healdsburg Cycling Wine Tour – Approximately 4 miles each way on quiet country roads. Terrain has slight gradual incline for about 1/2 mile otherwise flat. Longer routes with some hills available for those who want a challenge. Ask us so that we can accommodate.

    Windsor Bike ‘N Brew Tour –Approximately 4.5  miles each way on quiet country roads. Terrain has slight gradual incline for about 1/4 mile otherwise flat. Longer routes with some hills available for those who want a challenge. Ask us so that we can accommodate.

  • Chevron down What wineries/breweries do you visit and how many?
  • Sonoma Wine Country Bike Tour – We visit two to three wineries. Sometimes we mix it up, but usually we like to visit Pellegrini Wine Company, Hook & Ladder Winery and/or Sunce Winery all located in Santa Rosa. There are other wineries on our route as well, let us know if you have a preference.

    Healdsburg Cycling Bike Tour – We visit two to three wineries. J Winery, Rodney Strong and/or Limerick Lane Winery all located in Healdsburg.
    Sonoma Bike ’n Brew – We visit two to three breweries. Hopmonk Tavern in Sebastopol, Russian River Brewing and/or AleWorks in Santa Rosa.

    Windsor Bike ‘N Brew –We visit two to three breweries. Barrel Brothers, Russian River Brewing ( new location) – starting mid-October 2018, St Florians Brewery and/or Barley & Bine Cafe

  • Chevron down Where do we start the tours?
  • For the Sonoma Wine Country and Santa Rosa Bike ’n Brew Tour we start from the Courtyard by Marriott, downtown Santa Rosa. The Healdsburg Cycling Wine Tour and Windsor Bike ‘N Brew starts from Ace It! Touring Center 367 Windsor River Rd. Downtown Windsor.

  • Chevron down Is wine tasting/craft Beer included with the tour?
  • Absolutely! The bikes are equipped with insulated wine bike carriers on the rear gear rack. they hold three bottles of one in each bag.  Can also hold purchased beer.  If you bring food we can place it in there as well. Our convenient handlebar bags are handy for smart phones, cameras, etc…

  • Chevron down Is lunch included?
  • In order to keep our prices low, we do not provide lunch. We suggest you bring snacks or a light lunch which you can purchase at a health/organic food store (Oliver’s Market) conveniently located at the start of our tours. Also, on certain days some wineries provide food vendors. The breweries we visit on the Bike ’n Brew Tour have delicious food for purchase.

  • Chevron down How long do the tours last?
  • Typically four to four and a half hours.

  • Chevron down Can children of any age join the tours?
  • Sure! Any minor under the age of 18 needs to be accompanied by an adult or guardian. Must be 21 or older to drink any alcohol.

  • Chevron down Do you provide trailer attachments for children for rent/tours?
  • No, we do not provide trailer attachments for children, but we do provide high quality children’s bikes for rent or for tours.

  • Chevron down How much should we tip our tour guides?
  • The typical range is $10-15 per person.

  • Chevron down Can I bring my own bike on a tour?
  • Yes, we offer a $9 discount per bike.

  • Chevron down Can You deliver a bike rental to my place of stay?
  • Yes, we offer free delivery to your place of stay in Santa Rosa for one or more day rentals. Two days and a two-person minimum for delivery to other surrounding areas. Please call at (707) 688-4063.

  • Chevron down What is the weather like?
  • We have spectacular weather in Sonoma Wine Country! Mostly sunny from late spring to late fall with temperatures usually 70s-90s. Our rainy season is typically November thru March with plenty of sun in between with temperatures usually 50s- 60s degrees Fahrenheit. We go on the bike tours rain or shine. In the event of inclement weather, we give the option to drive you to the same wineries/breweries that we bike to or different ones. No refunds for weather-related conditions.

  • Chevron down What should I wear on the tour?
  • Preferably flat shoes, comfortable and layered clothing as the mornings can start off cool.

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