Frieda Lewis

Owner/CEO & Tour Guide

Frieda Lewis is the proud founder and owner/CEO of Ace It Bike Tours. She is a Certified Tourism Ambassador, licensed Tour Guide member of the Sonoma Valley Tourism, Windsor Chamber of Commerce and on the Board of Directors. She is also a Registered Nurse and a Certified Fitness Trainer. She has been an avid bike rider since her training wheels were taken off and very passionate about Ace It Bike Tours! Frieda has been riding in Northern California for 15 years and enjoys and appreciates every second of it!

We have packages with many respectable hotels and have very good relationships with hospitality, winery and other local establishments. We want to share our knowledge with you and show you the best of what Northern California, Bay area has to offer. We can help you plan your ultimate vacation for free with an Ace It Bike Tours reservation.


Sales Rep & Tour Guide

Catherine is an enthusiastic, ambitious, outgoing and friendly Sales Rep and Tour Guide. She has a Bachelor’ Degree in english literature and communications, is currently a nursing student and is a Certified Tourism Ambassador. She is very knowledgeable of the local area and loves to cycle around and show off to the tourists the beautiful sites and attractions that Sonoma County has to offer!


Tour Guide

Bill Is a Professional and friendly Tour Guide and loves to meet new people from all over the globe. He greets all the tourists with a big smile at the start of each tour and instantly liked. Bill is very knowledgeable of Sonoma Wine Country and surrounding areas as he enjoys suggesting places to dine, shop and walk around.


Marketer & Tour Guide

Gina has a sense of adventure. She has biked from one city to the next along Germany's scenic bike paths, and has camped on the beach in between biking from Santa Cruz to Carmel. With degrees in forestry, Gina loves to talk about the plants and animals you'll see along the scenic bike paths! Gina strives to make each bike tour an adventure!


Former Mascot

Ace was adopted from the ASPCA in San Francisco and lived 16 glorious years. He has traveled all over California and loved to hike in the mountains and run on the beach! Ace was the team Mascot and was loved by everyone!

AJ (Ace Junior)

Team Mascot

AJ (Ace Junior) was adopted from the Mendocino County Humane Society and is the current team Mascot. He is very playful with others and loves to swim in the ocean!