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Choose the perfect E-bike for you!

As an authorized Aventon dealer, Ace It Bike Tours is excited to help you find your perfect Ebike. With innovative features designed to give you the perfect ride, Aventon Ebikes are the perfect way to tackle Sonoma County’s rolling hills, scenic trails, and charming towns. We’re also excited to tell you that you’ll receive a two-year warranty with your purchase. Call us today at (707) 688-4063 so we can help find your dream Ebike!

Ramblas eMTB

Journey off the beaten path with Ramblas, Aventon’s first-ever electric mountain bike with an intelligent mid-drive motor. Rugged and reliable, all-terrain ebike offers the ultimate comfort on mountain trails or city streets. With its three pedal assist levels, top speed of 20 mph, and range of up to 80 miles, you can add a truly custom and dynamic experience to any adventure you set out on. With Ramblas, it’s mountain time, all the time.

The Ramblas also comes equipped with Aventon’s first-ever mid-drive motor, which is designed to offer riders personalized tuning capabilities through the Aventon app for a completely unique experience. Experience a truly personal journey wherever you go with the Ramblas.


Reinvent joyriding with Level.2, Aventon’s enhanced flagship commuter ebike. It’s packed with innovation, featuring a fully integrated battery, four lights for safety, and a front suspension fork for comfort. Whether you’re commuting, exercising, or going on an adventure, it’s 28 mph speed and range of up to 60 miles makes the Level.2 ready for any terrain or time of day.

Plus, Level.2 comes equipped with preinstalled fenders and a rear rack, making it versatile for any situation. A torque sensor provides a natural riding experience, letting you choose between electric assistance or pedal power. Rediscover the joy of riding with Level.2.


With a top speed of 28 mph, range of up to 60 miles, and a fully loaded torque sensor that provides a more natural riding experience, Choose your own adventure with Aventon’s Aventure.2.  Available in both step-through and step-over models, switch between 4 levels of pedal assist and throttle to bring you more of what’s out there without breaking a sweat. Go beyond most bikes with 4” fat tires, a suspension fork, and a powerful motor that will cover ground over sand, rock, or snow with ease.

Pace 500.3

Rekindle your passion for the casual bike ride with Pace 500.3! With both step-over and step-though models available for you to choose from, enjoy the smoothest rides with Aventon’s intuitive torque sensor, then set your pace. How you cruise is up to you. With its 500W motor, a top speed of 28 mph and up to 60 miles in range, the Pace 500.3 turns any ride into an adventure. The all-new turn signal functionality allows you to command traffic with confidence as you enjoy your roll through streets and scenic trails. Its cushioned saddle, swept-back handlebars, and upright riding position provide the ultimate comfort along the way. Pace 500.3 is leisure with a lift as you switch between its 4 new pedal assist levels: eco, tour, sport and turbo. Take the road less traveled, there’s much more to see.


Bring the party with Abound, Aventon’s first ever cargo ebike! Its versatility and step-through frame makes it a fun and exciting way to bring life with you. Rack it, stack it, and load the kids, too! Equipped with a torque sensor and powerful 750W rear hub motor, getting around with everything you need in tow has never been easier. Aventon’s abound has a speed of 20 mph and a range of up to 50 miles, making sure you can bring the fun with you wherever you go. Let Abound do most of the heavy lifting by switching between the four new pedal assist levels: eco, tour, sport, and turbo. The all-new turn signal functionality alerts others that you’re making moves, while the front headlight sheds light on the road ahead. With Abound, the possibilities are boundless.


With a speed of 20 mph and a range of up to 55 miles, Aventon’s Sinch.2 is the perfect fit for any kind of ride! Simply unfold the bike, then hit the streets or go off-road. With the addition of a torque sensor and all-new turn signal functionality there’s nowhere this bike can’t go.


Own the roads with Aventon’s Soltera.2! Its excellent handling and innovative technology allow you to choose how you move through the streets. Its intuitive torque sensor offers a more natural riding experience, providing just the right amount of assistance when you need it most on long rides or commutes across town. The lightweight, aerodynamic frame makes it easier to fly on flat roads, conquer hills, and be carried up a flight of stairs. Built-in turn signals will enhance your safety and confidence on the road by communicating clearly from the bike lane and beyond to motorists and pedestrians any time of day. With up to 46 miles in range and a speed of 20 mph on a single charge, riding becomes the destination. Put your pedals to the pavement, more road awaits.