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Best Sonoma Bike Tour to View Fields of Mustard!

It’s officially mustard season again here in Sonoma County and there’s no better way to experience the blooms than on a bike! With Ace-It Bike Tours you can get up close and personal with the mustard as we ride across the county from stop to stop.
Ace-It Bike Tours will guide you past multiple vineyards with rolling rows of mustard. Our tour guide’s extensive knowledge about Sonoma and the season makes our tour a must see for travelers!
Mustard, while invasive, has become a vital part of Sonoma County’s agricultural industries. Typically, we see multiple blooms of mustard throughout the year with the first arriving in mid-January. This year, however, we saw our first blooms of mustard popping up much sooner as a result of recent rain. By the time spring arrives, the county will be painted yellow as the mustard is at the height of its blooms. Mustard grows fast and furious, oftentimes with each bloom appearing larger than the last, sometimes growing over 6 feet tall.
Learn all about how the mustard interacts with the vineyards while biking from winery to winery and sip some wine while the mustard flowers dance in the breeze. There’s truly no better way to experience this beauty than with Ace-It Bike Tours!
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